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it can be amazing

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Q: What is the highest score that the West Indies has ever made against India in both one day innings and test cricket matches?
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How many innings in cricket world cup?

There are 49 matches in cricket world cup.Hence there are 98 innings in world cup.

Which team scored highest runs on any day in test cricket matches?

England 588 against India

What is South Africa's highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket?

South Africa's highest tenth-wicket partnership in Test cricket is 103 runs, achieved between Tuppy Owen-Smith and Sandy Bell in July 1929 against England. Owen-Smith finished the innings with a Test innings best of 129 runs. Bell's contribution of 26 runs was his best in all Test matches.

What is highest score of bowler in cricket world cup matches?


Who are the highest wicket takers in test cricket?

Muttiah Muralidharan with total of 800 wickets in test matches. And he is the highest wicket taker in test cricket. He got his 800th wicket against India in 2010 and then he retired.

Who Played Higest Cricket Match?

sachin tendulkar from india played highest cricket matches

Who is the current highest run scorer in t20 cricket?

As of January 2011, Australian David Hussey has scored the greatest number of runs in Twenty20 matches, a total of 3440 runs in 135 innings, at an average of 33.07. This includes a single century, a highest score of 100 not out, for Victoria against Tasmania on December 28, 2008.

Which player played highest matches in the cricket world cups?

sachind tendulkar

How many One Day Internationals and test matches Sachin Tendulkar have played for India?

658 Matches 773 Innings ODI 463 Matches 452 Innings Test 194 Matches 320 Innings


kumar sankagara(2000-present) is highest run scoring batsman now he scored 14,189 runs in 403 matches. he played 379 innings, scored 49 hundreds and 96 50's and still scoring.

What is the Sri Lanka's best total in ODI cricket matches?

Sri Lanka Highest team total is 443/9 against Netherlands in July 2006.

Which player has played highest matches in cricket world cup competition?

Sachin tendulkar

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