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Q: Name two batsman who bated in all five days in test match?
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Who are Two batsman bated all 5 days of test match?

M.l.jaisimha, ravi shastri

Is sachin a bowler or batsman in his starting days?

Fast bowler

How match days in the week?


How long is a tour match for cricket?

Three Days to Five Days

How many days can a test match last?

A cricket test match spans 5 days. This entails two batting and two bowling innings' per side. Depending on weather the test match can be shortend to any number of days but each team still has the same number of innings'.

What is match days?

Kentucky fried chicken

What is the time period for a cricket test match?

A cricket test match is played for 5 days.

What is the average score per day in a test match?

123 is the average score in a days play in a test match....

What is the longest duration allowed for test match?

5 days

How long does a test match last?

5 days maximum

What is the Maximum length of a modern cricket test match?

5 days

Which cricket game lasts 5 days and no winner?

A test match.