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Q: Is there a run for dead ball in cricket?
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Can two players be run out in 1 ball in the game of cricket?

No, They can't because as soon as one batsman is out it is dead ball. You cannot get out while the ball is dead.

Cricket What if a bowler had gave a no ball and with it dead ball will it be a no ball or a dead ball?

dead ball.

In cricket what do you call a run that is scrored from a no ball?


What is bowling in cricket?

You roll the ball and get 12 criquets dead in a row!

What is it called when you are run out not facing 1 ball in cricket?


How many types of getting out in no ball of cricket?

only run out and stumpping

In cricket if no ball is thron and batsman is heat wicket he is out or not out?

Not out. Only way to get batsman out when a no ball is thrown is run out.

What year did the rule change not give extra run on no ball in cricket?


What does a DOT ball mean in cricket?

It means no run was scored from a particular delivery.The term originates from cricket scoring notation, where instead of a number when runs are scored, a small dot would be written instead to indicate that delivery resulted in no run.

Maximum run made in single ball in any type of cricket match?


What is a pitch called in Cricket?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

What is the hardness of a baseball and a cricket ball?

cricket ball