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Q: How do you press start at the start of AFL live 2012 PC?
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What day does the AFL start for 2012?

24th of march

When did AFL Live happen?

AFL Live happened in 360.

When does the afl start in 2009?

March 26 Is The Start Of The AFL Season

Did afl start in England?


When was AFL Live created?

AFL Live was created on 2011-04-21.

How do you watch the AFL Grand Final online overseas in 2012?

On the AFL app

Where did AFL start?

AFL started in Melbourne on May 14, 1859.

Is AFL Live on Wii?

afl is on wii but it is just called afl it also has a differently styled cover.

When did dayne beams start AFL?

Dayne Beams Started AFl in 2009

Who does leon Davis play for in the afl now in 2012?

Leon Davis no longer plays in the AFL. He plays for Perth in the WAFL.

Can you get reported on afl live?

no you can not get reported on afl live unless it is really big so i wouldnt say rasict stuff or stuff like that

How did the NFL start?

When the AFL and NFC joined together.