Where did AFL start?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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AFL started in Melbourne on May 14, 1859.

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Q: Where did AFL start?
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When does the afl start in 2009?

March 26 Is The Start Of The AFL Season

Did afl start in England?


When did dayne beams start AFL?

Dayne Beams Started AFl in 2009

How did the NFL start?

When the AFL and NFC joined together.

When does afl season start in 2009?

march 31

When does the AFL 2010 start?

25th March 2010

What day does the AFL start for 2012?

24th of march

When did the kangaroos begin start playing afl?

they started playing Aussie rules in 1869, but started in the VFL/AFL in 1925.

What year did the AFL and NFL merge?

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.

Does the AFL have a draft?

yes it does, it is before the start of the new season

What time does the AFL grandfinal start?

2:30 Melbourne time.

Where did the Patriots start at?

The Patriots started in 1970 as the Boston Patriots in the AFL