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Q: Will eve torres protect kelly kelly from natalya at wwe night of champions 2011?
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Will Natalya interfere in Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix match at Night of Champions 2011?

No, Beth Phoenix will have no problem destroying Kelly Kelly to win the Divas Championship.

Who will face Kelly-Kelly at night of champions?

good question i asked that myself.But if you want to know then i"ll tell you.It may be Beth Pheniox or Natalya

What divas will be in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

I think these are all the divas: Mickie James Trish Stratus Maryse Michelle McCool Natalya Kelly Kelly Beth Pheonix Maria Brie Bella Nikki Bella Eve Torres Melina

Who hotter kelly kelly or eve torres?

Kelly Kelly of course

Is natalya and kell kelly friends?


Who is kelly kelly best friend from WWE?

eve torres

Is kelly kelly and eve Torres not best friends?

I think they are best friends

Who is the strongest diva in 2011?

Everyone knows that beth pheonix is the strongest but this year it has to be kelly kelly or natalya or maryse

Will Kelly Kelly retain her Divas title at WWE Night of Champions 2011?

Kelly Kelly did retain her title.

Can Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix at Night of Champions 2011?

No. She lost.

Will Natalya ever go to RAW?

There is talk that Kelly Kelly could be sent to SmackDown and Natalya could go to RAW. The general feeling is that WWE knows that Natalya is a talented wrestler and they want to use her full ability to feud with Divas like Mickie James & Melina. The reason why Kelly may go to Smackdown is she can get better matches with Divas her size and wrestling ability. I got/found this from!

Who wins Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix match at Night of champions 2011?

beth phonix wins the match so sorry about it Actually Kelly won at Night of Champions it was the last PPV that she lost it at