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Kelly Kelly of course

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Q: Who hotter kelly kelly or eve torres?
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Who is kelly kelly best friend from WWE?

eve torres

Is kelly kelly and eve Torres not best friends?

I think they are best friends

Is eve Torres kelly kellys best friend?

I think Eve is not freinds with Kelly Kellyand i think Kelly and eve should be best freinds because they make good tag team partner

What WWE divas has blue eyes?

Michelle mccool, kelly kelly, Beth Phoenix, eve Torres, and that's all i know

What is the birth name of Eve Torres?

Eve Torres's birth name is Eve Marie Torres.

Are kelly klelly and eve Torres friends?

yes they new each other since they were in 3rd grade

Will WWE divas kelly kelly aj lee paige Sasha banks alexa bliss bayley and eve Torres have a battle royale at wrestlemania?


What is eve torries real name?

Eve Torres real name is eve torres

Did eve Torres get the stinkface?

Yeah, 3 times! once by maryse, a 2nd time by kelly kelly, and 3rd, at wrestlemania kelly kelly and maria menounous gave her a double stinkface, man did i feel sorry for her!

Will argentinian model Ines Rivero fight the WWE divas such as kelly kelly eve Torres aj lee paige becky lynch alexa bliss and bayley?


What nicknames does Eve Torres go by?

Eve Torres goes by Evie, and Evelicious.

Will American fashion model and television personality kendall Jenner come to WWE to fight the divas like kelly kelly eve Torres aj lee paige and bayley?