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"Discipline" comes from the Latin disciplina, meaning "instruction given to a learner"

Taekwondo is an educational system. When a student learns from a teacher, they are gaining knowledge and skills in a specific discipline.

"Discipline" also holds other meanings pertaining to behavior, order and control:

1. training to ensure proper behavior: the practice or methods of teaching and enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior

2. order and control: a controlled orderly state, especially in a class of schoolchildren

3. calm controlled behavior: the ability to behave in a controlled and calm way even in a difficult or stressful situation

4. conscious control over lifestyle: mental self-control used in directing or changing behavior, learning something, or training for something

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While teaching most any subject, there needs to be a certain amount of cooperative behavior in the classroom environment to encourage successful learning, and accurate transmission of the lessons. There also needs to be a reasonable amount of order to the structure of the curriculum to help students understand the material, and retain the information. The student needs to begin at a starting point of basic information and rudimentary skills, and grasp each set of related material before progressing to the next level.

Also, Taekwondo is an art of self defense which promotes non-violence, and harmony with nature, and others in a society. Developing well-disciplined personal behavior traits helps students to avoid unnecessary conflict. It is likewise important for the skilled Martial Artist to remain calm and controlled when dealing with a hostile or violent situation, especially when there is a great deal of commotion and stress present that might otherwise cause clouded judgment, knee-jerk responses, over reaction, or less than ideal choices of behavior. A calm, controlled, well disciplined mind better equipped to handle difficult situations, and is less likely to make an error in judgment, or be manipulated by others into actions resulting from poor choices.

Finally, Taekwondo is a way of life that teaches the artof appreciating the value of all living things, the way of harmony through ideal action, and the path of right behavior through a set of tenets, moral and ethical Codes of Conduct. To ignore these things would upset the balance and harmony of nature, and create problems rather than avoiding unnecessary conflict, or resolving conflict peacefully whenever possible. Those who live by the sword, might likely die by the sword. Wear the sword as a deterrent, and use the sword justly, and wisely, only when it is necessary to protect the innocent, and restore the peace.

Therefore, Taekwondo is a discipline, that requires self discipline to protect and preserve life, maintain a peaceful and harmonious existence, and to pass along this knowledge accurately and completely to each subsequent generation.

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Because patience is extremely important and beneficial in life.

Patience can be defined as the ability to endure waiting, or provocation without becoming upset. It also means to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. These are skills that everyone should ideally possess, and particularly an expert of the Martial Art.

One must have the wisdom to know when it is best to wait, and when it is best to proceed forward or retreat. One must also posses the self control to calmly do what is appropriate, with perseverance and indomitable spirit.

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Q: Why is discipline emphasized so much in taekwondo?
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How much gold medals have Nepal achieved in the Olympics till now?

Nepal has never won an official Olympic medal (or a gold medal). They did in fact however win a bronze medal in taekwondo at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, but unfortunately that came at a time when taekwondo was only an exhibition sport, so it is considered unofficial.

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Taekwondo can be important for so many reasons! Self Defense is one of the main reasons people take Taekwondo. I love Taekwondo because its pure fun! It can help your memory and stamina. It also helps kids with ADHD calm down a bit. This question is a question that requires alot of opinions.

Which countries Excel in Tae Kwon Do?

Many countries excel and do quite well in Taekwondo, both as a Martial Art and as a sport. In Korea, where Taekwondo originated, it is the national Martial Art and sport, so there is a great deal of pride among their people. Taekwondo is taught in universities in Korea as an educational course. In the United States, many Korean Grandmasters of Taekwondo have been immigrating here since the 1960's. The U.S. has been the breeding ground for numerous Taekwondo organizations, some independent, and others remaining connected to the source of their original Kwan (family school) in Korea, and to the Kukkiwon (world headquarters) in Seoul. The Unites States has produced a number of Olympic Champions in the sport of Taekwondo. Canada and the UK have extensive Taekwondo programs that are also quite successful. Just about every country in the world has been introduced to Taekwondo, and it is growing rapidly in each of them.

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How many Tae Kwon Do events take place in the Olympics?

When taekwondo was a demonstration sport there were eight weightclasses for men and eight weightclasses for women, so there were sixteen events. When taekwondo became a medal sport, they reduced the number of events by half.

What is the Tae Kwon Do of American Association?

The Taekwondo of America Association is an association of twelve taekwondo schools in and around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.Best U.S. Taekwondo Academy in Vancouver, Washington, led by Master Kyeong S. Han since 2003.King Tiger Martial Arts in Vancouver, Washington (Hazel Dell location), led by Grand master S. W. LimKing Tiger Marital Arts in Vancouver, Washington (Mill Plain location), led by Grand master S. W. LimLee's Martial Arts Academy in Wilsonville, Oregon, led by Master C. Y. Lee.Sunrise Taekwondo in Portland, Oregon (Raleigh Hills neighborhood).Sunrise Taekwondo in Clackamas, Oregon (Sunnyside location).World Champion Tae Kwon Do in Beaverton, Oregon (Murray Hills neighborhood) led by Master Jong Bum ParkWorld Champion Taekwondo in Gresham, Oregon led by Master Kim.World Champion Taekwondo in Lake Oswego, Oregon led by Master J. KimWorld Champion Taekwondo in Portland, Oregon (Saltzman location) led by B. C. KimWorld Champion Taekwondo in Portland, Oregon (West Union location) led by B. C. KimWorld Champion Taekwondo in Scappoose, Oregon led by B. C. KimThe Taekwondo of America Association hosts a tournament every six months in the spring and fall at Reynolds Middle School in Fairview, Oregon.

Why are kids so violent?

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How do you get a red belt?

Well that depends on what martial art you are learning. In taekwondo you will earn this belt by completing a test that the academies should do every now and then. If they do so this tests inquire your skills in several areas of taekwondo. I hope this is in any way help full

How do you translate discipline into Sanskrit?

Dharma as what is worth and correct to do, spiritually.or Sadhana as the path with its proper set of rules, you need to respect in spiritual life.And there are many terms concerning discipline regarding different object of the discipline. For example, sexual discipline is Bramacharya, discipline in non violence, ahimsa, and so forth.

Is Tae Kwon Do usefull in MMA?

Taekwondo is primarily a kicking art, but traditionally includes close quarter fighting, hand strikes, and grappling skills. The problem is that many modern students are not getting a proper and complete Taekwondo education, so when they step in the ring and loose a fight, people conclude that it was something lacking in Taekwondo when it was really the fighter who lacked the full knowledge. Many Taekwondo athletes don't learn the full curriculum in order to compete in the Olympics. They get good at winning matches under a sport of rules that favors kicks and no grabs or ground-fighting, then they move into the Mixed Martial Art arena thinking they can fight with just the kicks. That is not true Taekwondo, and when they fail, they misrepresent what Taekwondo is capable of doing. MMA started with the rules favoring grappling sports. As the sport evolves you see more and more knockouts with kicks to the head. However, any Taekwondo fighter is going to have to maintain a balance of training for strikes, throws, and ground-fighting, and that is all available in traditional Taekwondo.