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He has the same song but his 2009 theme is just alittle different and a little faster. He maybe love that song,that song may give him confidence.

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Q: Why does WWE superstar Christian have the same theme song?
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What is Christian's theme song now?

it's the same with a male singer

Which WWE superstar had line in the sand as their theme song?


What is WWE superstar the miz theme song's name and by who?

i came to play by downstait

What is the Christian theme song and who performed it?

There is a tremendous amount of Christian music, but no specific Christian theme song, in the sense of being the one song which is identified with Christianity more than any other song.

Who sings Batista's theme song and what is it called?

WWE Superstar Batista's entrance theme is, " I Walk Alone " by Saliva.

What is the theme song for Football Superstar 2009 on FOX8?

one of the songs are called "infinity" lol it's called SUPERSTAR by david may.

Where can you download Christian theme song?

What is WWE christian song called?

Christian theme is call:Just close your eyes

Who sings Christian's theme song just close your eyes?

Special:Contributions:waterproof blondesconnor c (User:Bruno12367):no it is not i now the porson who made the song he put it on a website and christian's maneger coped it and then put it as christian's theme song and the name of the band who sings the song is story of the year.

What is WWE Christian's theme song?

just close your eyes

What is christian's current theme song?

"Just close your eyes"

Who sings WWE Christians 2010 theme song?

Christian's theme song, "Just Close Your Eyes", is sung by Waterproof Blondie.