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"Just close your eyes"

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Q: What is christian's current theme song?
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What is the current theme tune for WWE RAW?

The current theme song for Raw is To be Loved by Papa RoachAnd in case you're wondering...The current theme song for Smackdown! is Let it Roll by Divide the DayThe current theme song for ECW is Don't Question my Heart by Saliva

What is Christians theme song called?

just close your eyes

Who sings WWE Christians 2010 theme song?

Christian's theme song, "Just Close Your Eyes", is sung by Waterproof Blondie.

Where can you get Christians theme song?

lime wire if you dont have it then go to itunes

Who made christians theme song?

by a band called story of the year

Smackdown theme song?

Smackdown!'s current theme song is 'Know Your Enemy' by Green Day.

What is Super Crazy's theme song?

His current theme is called "Muy Loco"

Who made christians new theme song?

Story of the Year sang Christians new Theme song, according to

What is Randy Orton's current theme song?


Who sings the wrestler Triple H's theme?

His current theme song is The Game by Motorhead

What is WWE CM Punk's theme song?

CM Punk's current theme song is "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour.

What is the current WWE Raws theme song?

The answer is burn it to the ground by nickleback=)