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Cena and Mickie are not dating! John Cena is getting married to his high school sweetheart in July 2009

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it is i mpossible wwe does not let the fans no they are going out

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beause micky James found out that john cena was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend..................and then when she found out she started crying so cryed in the miz's arms

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Q: Why did john cena break up with mickie james?
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Why is john cena dating mickie James?

John Cena is not dating Mickie James.

Who John cena a girlfriend?

john cena'$ girlfriend is mickie James

Are john cena and mickie James dating?

No,John Cena is married.

Do mickie James go out with john cena?

no John Cena is married

Does john cena want to marry mickie James?

john cena is dating Liz. yes he did dated mickie James but after the show Liz and john broke up because of mickie but mickie and john are over and mickie is engaged to Kenny and john will be getting married in 2009

Did mickie james and john cena go out?

yes they did

Does mickie James have a partner?

yes. John Cena

Has john cena dated anyone in the WWE?

John Cena had a relationship with Diva Mickie James

Mickie James pregnant for john cena?

No John Cena already has a wife , look on wikipedia

Is John Cena going out with Dawn Marie?

No John Cena and Mickie James only dated for a month then broke up, John Cena is back with Liz and will get married by the end of the year and Mickie James is dating a football player.

Do john cena and mickie James go out?

no they dont go out

Is john cena still dating mickie James?

Yes he is