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Yes he is

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โˆ™ 2008-08-16 18:22:27
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Q: Is john cena still dating mickie James?
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Why is john cena dating mickie James?

John Cena is not dating Mickie James.

Is she going out with john cena?

As of right now john cena is still listed as dating Mickie James As of right now john cena is still listed as dating Mickie James

Are john cena and mickie James dating?

No,John Cena is married.

Are john cena and mickie James still dating?

No, John Cena and Mickie James only dated for a month then broke up, now he is back with his girlfriend Liz and will be gatting married by the end of the year. I still want John Cena to gat back with Mickie James. april 2009 John and Mickie never dated!! it was for their storyline at the time.

Is John Cena still engaged to Liz for the year of 2008?

No they are no longer engaged and he is dating Mickie James

Is Brian Kendrick And Mickie James Dating?

no,the last person that Mickie James dated as seen was John Cena.

Mickie James is married?

No, but she was dating John Cena for a little bit.

Has john cena ever slept with mickie James?

No they are not currently dating

Is john cena dating mikie James still?

They were never dating. That was a major storyline romance going on. Mickie James is single. John cena is engaged and is going to get married later on this year

Who is John Cena dating?

john cena is dating maria John Cena never dated Maria he dated Mickie James briefly

Now that Liz has been seen at wm24 does this mean their wedding is still a go or no?

Liz and Cena are no longer dating he is dating Mickie James

How can you make john cena and mickie James break up?

Cena and Mickie are not dating! John Cena is getting married to his high school sweetheart in July 2009

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