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If you are referring to American schools teaching traditional Martial Arts, they don't. I learn and teach the same things my counterparts in Okinawa teach. And it is the same things that are being taught in Columbia, Australia, Israel, Japan and Canada.

If you are referring to American Kempo, it is a martial art that has been modified for American desires rather than a traditional martial art.

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Q: Why are American karate styles different to the rest of the world?
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What is the different between Okinawan karate and plain karate?

There is no "Plain Karate." Karate originated in Okinawa. It has spread throughout the world. It has been modified in many places and there is what is often referred to as Japanese Karate, Korean Karate and even American Karate. They all incorporate aspects of the original styles from Okinawa, and incorporate local martial arts as well.

What style of karate is most popular?

There are literally hundreds of karate styles. Shoto kan is arguably the most popular. It has most schools in the world compared to other styles.

What is the most popular karate style?

There are literally hundreds of karate styles. Shoto kan is arguably the most popular. It has most schools in the world compared to other styles.

Who is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate Championship?

John Gaddy is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate title 1985 in Brisbane, Australia.

What are all the different martial art forms in the world?

There are hundreds of different martial arts in the world. It would be very difficult to provide a single list. A little research on the internet can show you just how many different styles they are, even within something as simple as karate.

When was World Karate Federation created?

International Okinawan Gōjū-ryū Karate-dō Federation was created in 1979.

Is kungfu a part of karate?

The term "Kung Fu" describes the martial arts of China, and there are literally hundreds, possibly over a thousand different empty-hand, and weapon styles. Karate refers to an Okinawa martial art that spread from there to Japan, Korea and the rest of the world. It is my personal opinion, Karate is better for modern day life because it takes less time to master and include more strikes then a lot of basic Chinese martial arts. If you want to become a martial arts master and a human weapon, then I would say Kung Fu, because of the enormous volume of styles available to you. Granted that you find a competent teacher.

Why does karate come from japan?

Karate comes from an island called "Okinawa". Karate basically 'evolved' from Southern Chinese Kung Fu styles. It came to mainland Japan in the late nineteenth-century. Judo, too, was created in Japan in the late nineteenth-century . Judo is an offshoot of Japanese 'Jujutsu'. (Note: 'Jujutsu' did not evolve from Karate)

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The world over everyone knows about karate

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