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He quit on his stool against Cassius Clay (later to become Muhammad Ali) befoe the start of the 8th round.

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Cassius Clay

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Q: Who knocked out heavy weight boxer sony liston in 1964?
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Who did muhamaad beat in 1964 to become the heavy weight champion?

Ali beat sonny liston in 1964 to become the heavy weight champion.

What was Muhammad Ali named after winnng the legend sonny liston?

He was named the world heavy weight champion of the world. After he defeated Sonny Liston.

What is weight of heavy weight boxer?

Between 205-265 pounds.

What is a knockout in boxing?

When a boxer, as a result of a heavy blow goes down, the referee starts counting. If the boxer is not up till count of 10 he will be considered 'Knocked Out'.

Who is the best heavy weight boxer?

Muhammed Ali

What did Buster Douglas do to be known?

Buster Douglas is widely known as a former undisputed heavy weight boxer who took the lime light when he knocked out Mike Tyson on February 11th, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan.

Who is Cuba's most famous heavy weight boxer?

theofilo stevenson

World Heavy Weight boxer 1937 to 1949?

Joe Louis.

Who was the heavy weight boxer nick named the boilermaker?

Jim Jeffries.

What boxer was paid the most for a heavy weight fight?

Shaba Edwards

What weight is crusier weight in boxing?

it is between light-heavy weight and heavy weight (between 176-200lbs)

What famous boxer starts with mohammed?

Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer. He is the former heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.