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Q: What boxer was paid the most for a heavy weight fight?
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Who is Cuba's most famous heavy weight boxer?

theofilo stevenson

What is Daniel Ghita most known for?

Daniel Ghita, also known as The Savage Samurai Sniper, is a thirty-two year old super heavy weight kick boxer from Romania. He is best known for being the It's Showtime World Heavy weight champion.

What UFC weight class is kimbo slice in?

Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the Light Heavy Weight Division in the UFC (205 lbs). Although since Kimbo Slice is not a contender and will most likely never be a contender he will fight at whatever weight has the most appealing opponent.

What is the hardest difficult level on fight night round 4?

The hardest setting is G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) with CPU and Boxer adjustments maxed out under the settings menu. Fighting a boxer two weight classes higher than your own with those settings is the most difficult challenge the game provides. Also, because every fighter's different in style, most effective punch,and reach, you may find one boxer harder to use or one harder to fight against.

What is the origin for the boxer dog?

The Boxer originated in Germany for fighting Bears, and Bulls like it's extinct close relative The Bullenbeisser but the Boxer didn't want to to fight they wanted to just hunt but not fight most wanted to hunt back then but now they just really want to work and please humans.

Can a golden retriever fight off a boxer?

Despite the name and easy temperament of Goldens, they can and will fight off another dog, if it's an aggressive boxer, especially when they feel that that boxer is threatening the life of their owner. So yes, it is possible, even though dog fighting is inhumane and illegal in most countries.

Why is your boxer dog breathing heavy?

Most boxer breeds in the US have this problem that is because boxers are prone for problems with there breathing and with there mouth.If you need more information contact your vet.

Who would win in a fight a boxer or a German Shepard?

Most likely the German Shepard due to the fact of where it would most likely bite first. Ouch.

What does term weight mean?

how heavy it is most common

What heavyweight boxer has the most first-round knockouts in a title fight?

Joe Louis (5 first round knockouts).

What is the most brutal fight in the rocky movies?

the most brutal fight in the rocky movies either is the fight between rocky and apollo in rocky 2 or the fight in rocky 4 when apollo fights russian boxer ivan drago that fight is extremly violent which ends up as apollos death in the fight and is a very bloody fight look thne fights up on youtube

Who has most heavy weight kos in boxing?

simple answer Archie Moore

Who is the most time world WWE heavy weight champion?

Triple H

What is the most money a boxer made in one fight?

55 million dollars was earned by Oscar de la Hoya when he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What are heavy aircraft?

an heavy aircraft is a type of machine depending whether it is a ship a plane or not. that exceeds the weight of the most popular or common planes of the words

What does a boxer do the day of a fight?

rest is the most logical answer. try to have solitude and keep the mind clear; not be disturbed. This then will allow a boxer to go into the ring with inner strength. Now, maybe someone else is different and crazy. I guess that is what makes the world go round.

How heavy is a professional bowling ball?

There is no regulated size, but the most common weight is 16 pounds.

What boxer has the most ko ever?

The boxer with the record for the most knockouts ever is Archie Moore.

Is 206 lb a heavy weight for a quarter back?

Based on the size of most professional quarterbacks, 206 pounds in on the lighter side of weight spectrum. Most qb's are in the 225 to 235 range.

How big is a 426 hemi engine?

pretty big heavy engine with most of the weight being in the heads.

What causes pain in scrotum following heavy lifting?

it would have to be the heavy lifting. don't know if this is work related or related to working out. if its from working out its most likely 2 things form and to much weight, use lighter weight so you can keep you form. if its work related ask someone to help when its to heavy.

How heavy are Dobermans?

80-100 they are definitely not a stocky breed so most of their weight would come from muscle

What is Erik Morales famous for?

Erik Morales is a professional boxer from Mexico. He has won world titles in four different weight classes and is the first Mexican-born boxer to do so. He is most famous for his trilogies with Mexican boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera and Filipino Manny Pacquiao.

Which weight machines are the most reliable for someone using them once a day?

Any non-mechanical weight machine, such as a pully machine would be great for heavy, regular use.

What is Evander Holyfield most well known for?

Evander Holyfield is most well known as a boxer. He was an undisputed heavyweight champion and is perhaps best remembered for defeating Mike Tyson and having part of his ear bitten off in the second fight.