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John Wayne Parr

Born Wayne Gregory Parr on May 25, 1976 (age 39), he is also known as The Gunslinger, JWP Nationality is Australian. He is 5 ft. 10 in. (1.77 m) tall and weights 159 lb (72 kg). His division is Middleweight. His reach is 71.0 in (180 cm) Style: Muay Thai

Fighting out of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Team: Boonchu Gym

Years active: 1992-2012

2014-present: Kickboxing fights = 120 kickboxing wins = 90 kickboxing loss = 30 kickboxing ko = 40

Professional boxing record: Total 13 Wins, 10 By knockout Losses 3

Mixed Martial Arts record: Total 1 Loss by submission

He is a 10-time World Champion and runner up in The Contender Asia.Other information:

Occupation: Muay Thai gym owner

Spouse: Angela Rivera-Parr

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Q: Who is the Australian Muay Thai champion?
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