Who designed Bret Hart's jacket?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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I did. I can design you one similar, if you like.

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Q: Who designed Bret Hart's jacket?
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Who designed Bret Hart's jacket for SummerSlam 91?

Bret Hart got the idea for the jacket from a picture of a monkey wearing a jacket with epaulets. He showed this picture to Julie Youngberg, the longtime costume designer for WWE and she made the jacket.

What is Bret harts height?

His height is 6'1"

What brand are Bret harts sunglasses?


Where can you find the film of Bret harts death?

Nowhere. Bret the Hitman Hart is alive

What is Bret harts entrance called?

hart attack

What color is Bret harts eyes?

I am pretty sure they're brown.

What is Bret harts moms name?

Hellen hart his fathers name is Stu

What is Bret harts book called?

My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

Did Bret harts partner die?

which one Jim or owen owen's dead

What did Shawn Michaels say in Bret harts ear at the end of the promo when Bret first returned. any idea anyone?

let me win ...

What is the name of the Hart Dynasty's theme song?

The Hart Dynastys theme song is the sameas Bret Harts theme song.

What are WWE Superstar Bret Harts brothers and sisters called?

jim neidhart is his brother-in-law he has a total of 11 brothers and sisters