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Hellen hart his fathers name is Stu

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Q: What is Bret harts moms name?
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What is bret harts real name?

Bret Sergent Hart

What is Bret the hitman hart's dad name?

what is bret harts dads name

Where can you find the film of Bret harts death?

Nowhere. Bret the Hitman Hart is alive

What brand are Bret harts sunglasses?


What is Bret harts height?

His height is 6'1"

What is Bret harts entrance called?

hart attack

When is bret harts birthday?

July 2 1957

What is Bret the hitman harts finishing move?


What is the name of the Hart Dynasty's theme song?

The Hart Dynastys theme song is the sameas Bret Harts theme song.

What color is Bret harts eyes?

I am pretty sure they're brown.

Did Bret harts partner die?

which one Jim or owen owen's dead

What is Bret harts book called?

My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

What did Shawn Michaels say in Bret harts ear at the end of the promo when Bret first returned. any idea anyone?

let me win ...

What is the birth name of Frank Harts?

Frank Harts's birth name is Frank James Harts III.

What is the name of the band that wrote Bret harts entrance song?

It was written and performed by Jim Johnston. He has been the guy who creates most of the theme songs in WWE for the past couple of decades.

Is Bret harts son a wrestler?

i dont know about his son but i think that the guy in hart dynasty is his nephew or something

Is Jimmy Hart related to Bret Owen and the other Harts?

No, Jimmy Hart is not related to any of the Hart family members.

What are WWE Superstar Bret Harts brothers and sisters called?

jim neidhart is his brother-in-law he has a total of 11 brothers and sisters

What is the birth name of Bret Anthony?

Bret Anthony's birth name is Bret A. Dieball.

What is the birth name of Bret Ray?

Bret Ray's birth name is Bret A. Ray.

What is Bret Hart's real name?

Bret Hart's real name is Bret Sergeant Hart.

What is the birth name of Bret Loehr?

Bret Loehr's birth name is Bret James Loehr.

What is the birth name of Bret Saberhagen?

Bret Saberhagen's birth name is Saberhagen, Bret William.

What is the birth name of Bret Shuford?

Bret Shuford's birth name is Bret McCole Shuford.

What is the birth name of Bret Roberts?

Bret Roberts's birth name is Bret McKinley Roberts.