Who are the undertaker family?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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The Undertaker(Mark William Calaway) has three daughters, Kaia Faith Calaway, Chasey Calaway, and Gracie Calaway. Also he has a son and his name is Gunner Vincent Calaway. The undertaker has three ex-wives Michelle McCool, Sara Calaway, and Jodi Lynn the undertaker has a big family.

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Q: Who are the undertaker family?
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What about Undertaker's personal life n family?

The Undertaker prefers to keep that private.

Did undertaker watch his family die?

No he did not

Undertaker are you and your family good?

no way

Why did the undertaker miss a show?

There was a death in his family

Does the undertaker have a family?

Yes and Michelle McCool is his wife.

Did mysterio kill undertaker?

No its ''KAYFABE''(Storyline) Undertaker is perfectly fine and just wanted time with his family Also even in storyline they said undertaker is in a vegetative state not him being dead

What age did the undertaker kill his family?

undertaker did NOT KILL HIS FAMILY! Kane is his bro and paul bearer is his dad and they come quite often in smackdown his mom died peacefully..........and he has a wife and 3 children

Did the undertaker killed someone?

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

Was Kane's family killed?

In wwe its said that Paul Bearer has killed Kane's family. As Paul was servant in Frank Wesley (undertaker's father)house.And had a affair with undertaker's mother and the result of the affair was Kane.Undertaker know everything and also knew that her mother had a affair with Paul. But later Paul was fed up with Frank and he think to kill him and he put frank and undertaker in the house and put the house on flame and took undertaker's mother and Kane outside the house but the mother told Paul to take undertaker also.Paul didn't want to but he did and he unfortunately he Kane was in flames and undertaker rescude.And later undertaker's mother died.Its how Kane was killed with his family.

If the Undertaker is a Christian why did he kill his family members?

He didn't. That was just a storyline.

Are Kane and the undertaker brother in real life?

They are half brothers. Kane was adopted into Mark Callaway's (The Undertaker) family when they were babies since Kane's father died.

Why undertaker killed his family?

Undertaker accidently killed his parents and serverly burned Kane because he was playing with an Latern. When he sat it down he accidently knocked over causing a fatal fire. Actually, the Undertaker didn't kill his parents.