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It is not possible to give a definitive answer. There are so many organizations that have their championships, and so many people that have held titles.

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Paul Mills is by far the best for being 62. His the best because of his evolving style and quick draw methods

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Q: Who are the best martial artists in the world?
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Who is the best at martial arts?

I think Jet Li is the best at martial arts

Who participates in martial arts?

Martial Artists

When was National Association of Professional Martial Artists created?

National Association of Professional Martial Artists was created in 1994.

Who is the best in the world at martial arts?

This is actually a tricky question. First we would have to decide how a martial artist should be rated to be the best in the world. Would it be based on the ability to win a match, difficulty of mastering the art, which provides the most practical application, etc.To honestly answer a question like this you would first have to know who every martial artist in the world is, and what their capacity is to perform their own art, rated by their own system and then compared to others.In short, it would almost be impossible to find "the best in the world". There are many who would immediately answer "Bruce Lee", but this isn't really a valid answer. Now if someone were to ask:"who is the best martial artist in the world, out of a list of the famous martial artists in the world"You would have to consider that even among the famous martial artists, many practice different arts and would have to be ranked in their own martial arts system, and then compared to other martial arts, and even after that some might say they would need to fight each other.Unfortunately there's never an easy answer to a question like this because there's never enough data to draw a solid conclusion. This kind of question is more of an opinion than anything else, so then it may be prudent to reform the question into something like:"Who do you think is the best martial artist in the world, and why?"

Do martial artists bikini wax?

Not for martial arts purposes. There may be other reasons that they might.

How does meditation help martial artists?

The techniques that martial artist practice take a great deal of concentration. Meditation helps to clear and focus a martial artists mind so they can be develop the focus necessary to practice though's techniques.

What is the best martial arts in the world?

Shaolin Kung fu

Is being a samurai mean you are a martial artist?

Certainly. Samurai warriors were martial artists in the truest form of the term.

Who are the best urban artists in the world?

The best urban artists in the world are complete unknowns, who will never be known. If they are known, it is not for their urban art - but rather for gallery pieces.

Bruce Lee is the best martial arts in the world?

I Believe so

Why is Ice weak to Fighting?

Because martial artists can break ice.

Are martial arts predominately a male sport?

True martial arts is not a sport. It is true that the majority of people that practice a martial art are male. However, there is a very large population of female martial artists.