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USA Wrestling is the largest organization in the country that will have all types of singlets and shoes. There are companies like eastbay that does catalog order as well. You can get on there mailing list or purchase an item on their website

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Here are some options:

All American Wrestling Products.


BlueChip Wrestling

Takedown Sports Wear

Matman Wrestling

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You can get a wrestling singlet from a number of sources. You can try a local fitness and clothing store to start. Failing that, you can get great deals on Amazon or eBay.

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Wrestling t-shirts can be found online at Eastbay, WWSport, Cafe Press, My Locker, eBay, and Amazon. These shirts can usually be found in t-shirt specialty shops in malls across the country.

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Look on Google or

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Q: Where can one purchase wrestling t-shirts?
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