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anytime of course she rocks

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Q: When will Candice Michelle win back the women's championship?
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Will Candice Michelle come back?

Candice Michelle better known as Candice Michelle or just Candice, is an American model, actress, and professional wrestler best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment. No, she is too old now.

Is Candice Michelle coming back to the WWE?

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

Is Candice Michelle coming back to WWE?

candice michelle i hope that you come back to wwe the wwe fans wont to see you again we hope that when your daughter gets abit older maby you could come back

When is WWE diva Candice Michelle coming back?

never she is retired

When will the WWE womens championship come back?

It won't

When is Candice Michelle come back to wwe 2012?

She isn't returning to the WWE

Where is Candice Michelle WWE?

She Is Injured The WWE released Candice because she was injured but I have a feeling they will hire her back once she is 100% at least I hope they hire her back!

Why isn't Candice Michelle in WWE?

Candice is currently dealing with her weight problems.As soon as she reach her ideal weight.She'll be back and perform..

Is Candice Michelle coming back to WWE or going to tna?

don't think i don't know nothing has been said about Candice

What hppened to Candice Michelle?

First Candice had an ankle injury but before she came back to wwe on June 19 2009 she was released.

When will Candice Michelle be back after her arm injury in 2007?

....clueless's her clavicle that is injured, not her arm...and yes, she will be back

When will Candice Michelle come bake to the WWE?

She won't be coming back she is expecting her first child in may of 2010