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never she is retired

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Q: When is WWE diva Candice Michelle coming back?
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How tall is WWE diva Candice Michelle?

she is 5'7

Who is WWE Diva Candice Michelle dating?

She Is Married........................Sigh :(

What is WWE diva Candice Michelle cell number?

i wish i no

How did Candice Michelle rise to fame?

WWE Diva, Candice Michelle, started off in the acting and modeling industry but rose to fame after being hired by the WWE through the 2004 Diva Search. Candice was also a spokeswoman for GoDaddy and modeled for Playboy.

IS Candice Michelle in love with who?

Candice Michelle the WWE Diva? She has been married since 2005 to a chiropractor named Ken Ehrlich that she started dating in 1997.

Complete song entrance for Candice Michelle WWE Diva?

on You tube the full vrision is thare

Who does WWE diva Candice Michelle date?

July 31, 2008 candice is married to a docther and she has a baby on the way it is a boy and she is leveing wwe.

Why did WWE diva Candice Michelle stop working for the WWE?

Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle does no longer work for WWE for several reasons. In 2008 - 2009, Michelle returned to in-ring action in World Wrestling Entertainment - but during a Tag team bout, the Diva injured her left shoulder and tore her left scar tissue over her previously broken left clavicle In 2009 Candice Michelle was Drafted to Smackdown, but she never appeared on the Show - on June 19th of the same year, Michelle was Released from her WWE Contract.

Which WWE diva has a sextape?

the only divas i know of that have sex tapes r trish stratus and Candice Michelle

Did Candice Michelle diva from raw die?

No she is very much alive, happily married and expecting her first child.

Who is the longest running diva in the WWE?

Well it used to be Maria Kanellis who was released in late February, but now WWE Diva Michelle McCool is the longest running, she came into the 2004 Diva Search so did Candice and Maria, but Candice was realeased out of her contract. Michelle made made her official WWE debut In November 18th 2004 on SmackDown!.

Why is Candice Michelle not in WWE WrestleMania in 2009?

its a rumour going around that Candice Michelle might be pregrant and they wwe chairman and the board have a rule that for diva that you be force to retire or take the time off if you are pregrant. (that the rumor expect the rule)

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