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Short term aid:

  • food
  • money
  • some shelters
  • clothing

hope this helps (:

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Q: What was the short term aid for the boxing day tsunami in 2004?
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What were the short term destruction effects left from the 2004 boxing day tsunami?

Many Deaths

What are the short term effects of the Asian tsunami?

The short-term seefects WERE death for many people, injury and homelessness for many more.

What were the immediate and long-term responses of the Boxing Day Tsunami?

Immediate responses to the Boxing Day Tsunami included humanitarian aid efforts, search and rescue operations, and the establishment of temporary shelters for survivors. In the long term, there were improvements in early warning systems, infrastructure reconstruction, and community resilience building in the affected regions to better prepare for future disasters.

How did short term aid charities help countries after the tsunami?

Short-term aid charities provided immediate relief after the tsunami by delivering essential supplies such as food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. They also assisted in search and rescue operations, as well as setting up emergency response centers to coordinate relief efforts efficiently. Additionally, these charities worked to restore basic services like communication and transportation to help affected communities rebuild in the aftermath of the disaster.

What is the definition for the boxing term short left?

When you hit your opponent with left hand but closer

What will the Japanese government be doing long and short term to recover from the earthquake tsunami?

yes maybe

What was the 2004 boxing day tsunami money spent on?

The money raised from donations after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami was primarily spent on emergency relief efforts such as providing food, clean water, shelter, and medical assistance for the affected communities. Additionally, funds were used for long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation projects to rebuild infrastructure, schools, and healthcare facilities in the affected regions.

What is the term for an water wave created by an earthquake?

its called a tsunami

What are the other term for the term tsunami in other language?

harbor waves and tsunami for japanese language

In what sport is the term upper cut?

boxing and sometimes wrestling but mostly boxing

What are the short term effects of the japan earthquakes?

The immediate short term effect of the Japan earthquake 2011 was the massive tsunami that occurred after a few minutes. The short term effects of the series of earthquakes on March 11, 2011 in Japan and the resulting tsunami was the initial death toll in addition to collapsed buildings, fires, disruption of water/sewer lines, displaced people/cars, damage to infrastructure (roads, highways, and bridges), etc. Another short term effect was the damage to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and resulting evacuations.

What aid was given for the 2004 tsunami?

Following the 2004 tsunami, a massive international humanitarian response coordinated by organizations like the United Nations, Red Cross, and various governments provided aid in the form of food, shelter, medical assistance, and clean water. Billions of dollars in aid were donated to help affected countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India in their recovery efforts.