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the so called funny bone

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Q: What pressure point makes your arm numb?
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Is there a pressure point that makes someone weak. If not one that makes someone sleep or temp. paralyze arm?

I can tell you that the middle of the for-arm on the top surface between the two muscles will jolt and temporarily paralyze the wrist. A direct hit to the side of the wrist will also force the hand to release what it is holding. One more pressure point is the rear of the upper arm just above the elbow.

Where is bleeding arm pressure point?


To stop bleeding in the arm which pressure-point artery should you press on?

To stop severe bleeding in the arm, which pressure-point artery should you press on?

What is the weakest pressure point that is unisex?

There is a nerve in the arm. That is the strongest pressure point for Females and Males

Pressure point in arm to stop bleeding?


For some reason sometimes when I wake up my left or right arm gets numb for a couple of minutes i ve kind of been wondering why does this sometimes happen?

Cutting off bloodflow or pressure on the nerve in your arm can cause it to "fall asleep" or go numb, as you've described.

Why is my arm hand still numb after swing my arm yesterday?

If you swung your arm yesterday and it has been numb for two days, you should see a doctor. You may have a pinched nerve.

Why does your arm ache after sleeping?

Your arm aches because you might have been sleeping on one arm and putting to much pressure on it. Later, it might feel numb, or might ache. Also, it can happen to both of your arms.

You burnt the top of your wrist and your arm feels numb?

If you burnt yourself on your wristand your arm is numb you should probably go see a medical specialist.

What kind of mosquito bites and make your arm numb?

If you have a mosquito bite that makes your arm need, you should see a doctor immediately. You may be severely allergic, or the insect may have transmitted a disease.

How do you knock someone out with a pressure point in the arm?

There are no pressure points in the arm that will knock someone out. You can, however immobilize the arm temporarily. A strong punch to the bicep can render the arm useless for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

How do you numb your arm before a shot?

Ask the Doc they will