What is yoko geri in karate?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Geri is the Japanese word for kick. Yoko refers to the side. So a yoko geri is a side kick.

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Q: What is yoko geri in karate?
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What are the kicks called in karate?

Keri-waza (kicking techniques)Mae geri: Front (forward & return) kick.Oi geri: Stepping (lunging forward) kick.Yoko sokuto geri: Side (edge of foot) kick.Mawashi geri: Roundhouse kick (to front).Gyaku Mawashi geri: Reverse direction (inside) roundhouse kick.Ura Mawashi geri: Back leg, hook kick to front (heel/ball of foot).Ushiro geri: Straight-back (backward) kick.Ushiro Mawashi geri: Spinning, back-roundhouse kick to front.Mae-ashi geri: Forward leg, front kick.Fumikomi geri: Stamping/thrusting kick.Hiza geri: Knee cap kick.Ushiro geri: Spinning-back, roundhouse kick.Gyaku geri: Reverse (inside) roundhouse kick.Mae-tobi geri: Front (jumping/flying) kick.Yoko-tobi geri: Side (jumping/flying) kick.

Which kick earns the maximum point in Karate?

A Jodan Mawasi geri (face-level roundhouse kick) will earn you the maximum point in karate sparring.A word of caution:Make sure you don't use a Jodan Mae geri (straight kick) as it is often given a foul for its potential to injure the face. Also an Ushiro Mawasi geri may or may not be allowed. Kindly read the rules of the tournament first.

What is the Japanese word for Defense?

I am now a black belt and from my past Karate experience block - Uke and kick - Geri. I know that this is not what you asked for but it may help you.

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