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Keri-waza (kicking techniques)
  • Mae geri: Front (forward & return) kick.
  • Oi geri: Stepping (lunging forward) kick.
  • Yoko sokuto geri: Side (edge of foot) kick.
  • Mawashi geri: Roundhouse kick (to front).
  • Gyaku Mawashi geri: Reverse direction (inside) roundhouse kick.
  • Ura Mawashi geri: Back leg, hook kick to front (heel/ball of foot).
  • Ushiro geri: Straight-back (backward) kick.
  • Ushiro Mawashi geri: Spinning, back-roundhouse kick to front.
  • Mae-ashi geri: Forward leg, front kick.
  • Fumikomi geri: Stamping/thrusting kick.
  • Hiza geri: Knee cap kick.
  • Ushiro geri: Spinning-back, roundhouse kick.
  • Gyaku geri: Reverse (inside) roundhouse kick.
  • Mae-tobi geri: Front (jumping/flying) kick.
  • Yoko-tobi geri: Side (jumping/flying) kick.
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While there is some difference in the style, it really depends upon the country the martial art is from.

If you mean Okinawa Karate: * Front Kick - Mai Geri * Roundhouse Kick - Mai Washi Geri * Side Kick - Yoko Geri * Back or Mule Kick - Ushiro Geri * Stomp Kick - Fumakomi Some schools don't even teach all the kicks.

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There are many types in karate but the most common are Front kick, Round house kick, Back kick, and Side kick.Many schools also use the crescent kick and the hook kick.

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Q: What are the kicks called in karate?
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fastest kick in karate is the roundhouse kick. it can be repeated, so you can deliver several kicks in one second.

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There are many variations of kicks in the many different karate systems, but there are four primary kicks: front kick, round kick, side kick and back kick. These four kicks can be further categorized (eg. thrust vs. snap, high vs. low, spinning vs. straight, etc.). A practitioner can achieve "mastery" in kicking within the system with solely these four kicks .

Is tornado kick allowed in kyokushin karate?

Yes, tornado kicks are allowed in Kyokushin Karate. They are not heavily focused on because a tenant of Karate is to try and never leave the ground. SO you will learn how to do it occasionally, but they are not stressed like round house, knee,joint, front snap kicks etc.

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