What is the penalties of wrestling?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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the penalties in Wrestling are cheese, bacon, steven harper, politics, punching people, throwing people, slamming people into the ground, spinach, Video Games, music, cards, guns, folded chairs, tables, beer, wine, dumb people and Rick Astley. the only thing that is allowed in wrestling is guns punching people in to the toilet, wrestling in elevators, and farting

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Q: What is the penalties of wrestling?
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What are the penalties in wrestling?

if one wrestler brakes someones arm in a normal match the other wrestler wins

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Has Abdullah The Butcher ever wrestled in WWE?

No. Only in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Central States Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Association, Lutte Internationale (Montreal), Midwest Wrestling Federation, NWA All-Star Wrestling, NWA Detroit, NWA New Zealand, NWA Southwest, National Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, Tokyo Pro Wrestling, World Class Wrestling Association, And World Wrestling Council.