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In real Wrestling no move is truly dangerous. Powerful on the other hand is a different story. There are countless moves that are extremely powerful (such as the double chicken wing, chicken wing and a half nelson, three quarter stack, etc.).

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Any piledriver variation, Conplex top rope moves, any move which involves slamming the head to the mat.

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rko out of no where second would be tobmstone cause shawn micheals kicked out like 3 times and the only people who kick out of the rko are real super-face like cena,undertaker ect.

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When applied properly, the choke hold.

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Q: What is the most dangerous wrestling move?
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It is probably American football or wrestling. A dude got a concussion from wrestling.

What events occurs in the ancient Olympics?

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Who is consequences in wrestling?

If you mean side effects, you can get serious injuries from doing wrestling if you or your opponent execute a move wrong. When you're in a match, you rely on your opponent to help you carry out the moves safely, if one of you messes up, it could be very dangerous.

How many people say that UFC is more Dangerous than wrestling?

It depends on what you refer to by "Dangerous". If you are talking about the real-time outcome and injuries then yes UFC is far more dangerous than Wrestling because the fight is real and people get paid to fight with one another and to defeat their opponent. On the other hand Wrestling is pre-planned and practiced with the outcomes that are predetermined. But, even though it is planned, injuries are bound to happen in wrestling too because of the risky nature of most of the moves that are executed. For ex: Stone Cold Steve Austin suffered permanent damage to his neck and his career was cut short by several years when the late Owen Hart botched a Pile-Driver move many years ago. So, danger wise both are dangerous with UFC being slightly higher in terms of danger level than wrestling.

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Disagree, all the way. Football, Hockey, Lax & Wrestling are dangerous & they are some of the most popular sports. I COMPLETELY disagree ( this MY opinion, anyways )

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I think the most dangerous sport would be wrestling 2nd would be football. (I <3 football)

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How do you do a wrestling move without hurting someone?

The best way to learn how to do wrestling moves safely is to go to a wrestling school.

Which is most dangerous finishing move in WWE?

airbourne 619 kill switch