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the lentgh of the stick or BASTON is 1 yard, or as long as your arm from the tip of your middle finger to your clavicle or neck!

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28 in. long

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Q: What is the measurement of arnis sticks?
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What is the measurement of the arnis?

28 in. long

What are the materials used in arnis?

Arnis is the name of martial arts in the Philippines. Some of the equipment used to fight in Arnis includes knives, sticks or weapons with blades.

What is the name of the martial art that involves sticks?

arnis ,,, a philipino based martial arts using two sticks

Where can you buy Arnis Equipments in Davao City?

You can find complete Arnis Equipments in Davao at ML Fitness Gym at St. Anthony Village, Lanang Davao City from live sticks to protective gears. Own and manage by Arnis/Escrima Master Mario Palazuelo.

What is figure eight in arnis?

Arnis works with locations and shapes of movement with the sticks. The figure 8 is exactly what it sounds like. You will be moving the stick in a figure eight motion while defending and looking for an opening.

What is the Definition of arnis?

his is my self definition...Arnis as a sport means it is a GAME played by two people using 2 wooden sticks as a weapon, there is a loser and a winner at the end of the game... while Arnis as an art is all about the technique, creativity, deliverance of the moves, gracefulness of the hand, coordination of the hands and body to make a beautiful exhibition...

What is arnis background?

what is arnis

Who is the father of arnis?

George Arnis

What are the mechanics of arnis?

Mechanics of arnis

Regional names of arnis in the Philippines?

Arnis-was a bogu

What are the materials and equipment nedeed in arnis?

arnis stick

What are the disadvantages of arnis?

You might hurt yourself when practicing Arnis.