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Q: What is the force for a soldier parachuting?
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What force stays the same when a parachute opens?

This can be referred to as the "opening force" of the canopy.

Why do you fall at a steady speed before parachuting?

Before parachuting, you fall at a steady speed due to the force of gravity pulling you towards the ground. This speed is reached when the force of gravity is balanced by the air resistance acting on your body, creating a state of dynamic equilibrium known as terminal velocity.

Did Amelia Earhart do parachuting?

It is not written anywhere that she went parachuting.

What has the author Charles Shea-Simonds written?

Charles Shea-Simonds has written: 'The complete sport parachuting guide' -- subject(s): Parachuting 'Sport parachuting' -- subject(s): Parachuting

What is a soldier in an air force?

An Airman

What is the minimum service for the Canadian force?

Contracts vary from soldier to soldier, however for a regular force soldier, contracts can typically be from 3 to 8 years of service. Reserve Force personnel are on voluntary service and can leave whenever they wish.

Can you get addicted to Percocet by parachuting it?


How does a British soldier join the US Police force?

He doesn't

Are parachuting and skydiving the same thing?


What you can't do in handball?

You cant do freefall parachuting.

What are some other examples of changing stopping time to change stopping force?

Changing stopping time to change stopping force can be exemplified by increasing the distance over which a car brakes to decrease the force experienced by the occupants. Another example is a skydiver increasing the time spent parachuting to reduce the impact force upon landing.

What are the ideal weather conditions for parachuting?

I am not completely sure what is the ideal weather conditions for parachuting. After lots of research I have found videos and guides that will help you understand more.