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Yes! He played Football in High School.

Have anyone questions about Randy? Ask me! :)

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Q: What football team does Randy Orton support?
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Randy Orton is not going to team up with Kaitlyn

Will john cena and Randy Orton ever be tag team champs?

Randy Orton and john cena are enemy's so they will never team up

What baseball team does Randy Orton like?

Atlanta Braves

What was edge and Randy orton's team called?

Rated RKO

What is Randy Orton fav basketball team?

St. Louis

What team is Randy Orton going for in the Super Bowl in 2009?


What is Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

The Vikings have been his team but mainly because of Randy Moss. Now that Randy Moss is no longer with them, he wouldn't classify them as his team anymore. Wherever Randy Moss is, that's where his support lies.

How many times did Randy Orton hold the WWE tag team?


Was Randy Orton in a tag team called anti-evolution?

No, but he fueded with Evolution

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yes A six man with it was john cena,carlito,trish stratus vs randy orton edge and lita

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Edge, they were Rated RKO

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Rated rko