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Q: What team is Randy Orton going for in the Super Bowl in 2009?
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Who is going to win royal rumble 2009?

randy orton will win unfortunately

How o you get Randy Orton to old in svr 2009?

Randy Orton is 29 in SvR 09

Who won the royal rumble in 2009?

The Viper Randy OrtonRandy Orton coming in at number 8.

Is John Cena going to win at breakingpoint 2009 for WWE championship against Randy Orton?

No-one knows for sure but John Cena is in a great form right now so I think John Cena will beat Randy Orton!!

Who won the royal rumble 2009?

Randy Orton won by elimanating triple-h and now is going to wrestlemania 25

Who is going to win the WWE champion in 2009 night of champions?

I think hhh will win tournament and randy orton will retain

Who is going to win at summerslam 2009?

Punk, Christian, Rey mysterio, MVP, Jerishow, Kane, DX, and Randy Orton

Who is the current WWE champ?

in 2008 it was triple h but at backlash 2009 he got a kick in the head by randy orton the leader of the legacy which sucks and now in 2009 its the boooooooooooo randy orton

Who won Royal Rumble 2009?

* Randy Orton

Who was the winner of Royal Rumble 2009?

randy orton

Who won The 2009 WWE Royal Rumble?

randy orton

Who won WWE royal rumble 2009?

Randy Orton

Who is the best wrestler in WWE 2009?

randy orton is the best

What year did Randy Orton win the royal rumble?


Is Triple H really mad at Randy Orton?

Yes he is because Randy Orton did the RKO on Stephanie McMahon! Feb 2009 NO it is just a storyline well da he is mad

Which WWE superstar won the 2009 Royel Rumbble?

randy orton

Who will win the 2009 WWE royal rumble match?

Randy Orton

Who are the superstars in the 2009 royal rumble?

Randy Orton

Who has won most titles in WWE 2009?

I think it is Randy Orton

When is Triple H going to lose the WWE title?

Triple H lost his most recent WWE title to Randy Orton in April 26th 2009.

Why did evolution turn on Randy Orton?

triple h was the leader triple h was feuding with chris benoit who is dead r.i.p randy orton got put in a match against chris benoit randy orton was suppose to soffen chris up but randy won triple h batista and ric starded celebrating then batista dropped randy in a electric chair backbreaker they beat randy orton so bad he had a blood bath in the ring thats why in 2009 50% fans hated hhh and 50% fans hated orton

Who was the masked man from WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2009?

it was Randy Orton.

Why wasnt Randy Orton at the 2009 WWE hall of fame?

he was idoit LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!

Who won the 2009 WWE championshipTriple H or Randy Orton?

hhh kept it

When is Randy Orton coming to Vancouver for an autograph signing?

august 6th, 2009