What fighting style does ryu use?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The character Ryu of Street Fighter fame, originally was said to have been an expert of Shotokan Karate, HOWEVER, from Super Street Fighter II onward, it was later changed to a fictional style known as Ansatsuken, according to the game's plot, an unarmed method for killing people developed in ancient times in Japan. Mainland Japan; not Okinawa. In the Street Fighter fiction, there are only a total of 3 masters of Ansatsuken, as of the events of Street Fighter IV, they are; 1) Gouken, the most powerful 2) Akuma (Gouki in Japanese), the second most powerful 3) And finally Ryu, as of the events of Street Fighter IV, prior to that he was not a master. In Street Fighter III, Ryu is a master for sure; according an official Capcom thing I read a while back, actually I think it was actually in a strategy guide or a game manual, the "shin sho ryu ken" or "true rising dragon" is a move that only an Ansatsuken master can perform. An ansatsuken master that is, as Gouken interprets the art; the Martial Arts true nature is all about killing, so, in a sense, Akuma is generally considered to be a master of the original, "dark version" of the art. Akuma's vicious move, the one where the screen goes blank and then the Kanji character appears? That move can only be executed by a master of the older version of Ansatsuken. Yes, the name of the martial art used by Ryu is a fictional style called "Ansatsuken," its most powerful practitioner is Gouken. So, what established that Ryu is a master? In real world Japanese martial arts tradition, when a master challenges a student to a fight, it is a recognition that the student's skills are at the same level as the master's. At the same level OR, good enough to hold his own against the master. There are low ranking masters, and high ranking ones; in the events of Street Fighter III, Ryu is a low ranking master of Ansatsuken, powerful enough to take on, and defeat Akuma, but not as powerful as Gouken. The Japanese borrow heavily from elements of their culture when making entertainment, often times they will take these elements and exagerate on them. For example the special moves in the Street Fighter games? That is the Japanese concept of "Kime" at work, that is, setting up a highly focused, vicious finishing blow. Or rather, the INFLUENCE of the concept of Kime.

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Q: What fighting style does ryu use?
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What does shito ryu mean?

Shito ryu is a karate style. It focuses more on hard-soft techniques, i.e, hard to easy techniques ratio is 50:50. The fighting range is short to medium.

Style of karate that means the school of?

The school of translates to ryu. The term ryu is found in the name of many styles of Japanese martial arts.

What is the difference between a Sensei and a Ryu in martial arts?

Sensei just means "Teacher" or "instructor" Ryu is "Style of" So, you could be a Sensei of Isshin-Ryu, meaning you are a teacher in the style of Isshin.

What are the most popular styles of karate?

Shorin-ryu, Shotokan, Goji-ryu, kenpo, shito-ryu, wado-ryu

What is goju-ryu?

Its an Okinawan style of Karate.

Who would win in a fight ryu or sagat?

Sagat would probably win because of his muay thai fighting style. The only reason ryu won the first time was because after sagat beat him half to death, sagat tryed to help him up and did a sneaky metsu hadoken.

Goju ryu vs shotokan ryu?

There should be no "VS" of which style is better in the martial arts. Any style has it's benefits. It's more of the person, their dedication and their discipline. There is no one style better than any other. Historically, Shotokan was created in the 1930's in Japan by modifying Shorin-Ryu karate. Both Shorin Ryu and Goju Ryu originated on Okinawa and evolved from combining the local wrestling and grappling with the striking of White Crane Kung Fu.

What are the four major style of karate?

Wado ryu Shito ryu Goju ryu Shotokan Shotokan is a style of compression and is described as "harder" Goju is described as hard and soft, Shito is more about bodily movement. Wado I'm not so sure of.

What fighting style does Niko use in GTA IV?

he jst uses the free style street fighting style........same as jonny n luis does in EFLC.......

What fighting style does Marduk use?

Vale Tudo

What fighting style would a real life Batman use?

Same fighting skill Batman would use.

What fighting style should I use?

It comes down to availability and quality of instruction, not style.