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Uniform requirements vary from style to style.

In the style I study, the gi is white. It is always white, or a natural fiber color, never black or any other color.

Some styles allow instructors to wear black pants with their gi.

I always thought that a black belt on a black gi was a waste. I want the black belt to show up!

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A gi is a uniform that you wear when doing karate

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Q: What does the black gi in karate represent?
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What types of Karate wear a black and white Gi?

Traditional karate-ka wear a white gi. Some styles allow black trousers and even black tops for instructors and/or blackbelts. There are some styles that allow the trim to match the color of the belt. It varies from school to school and by organization.

Where could a person buy Karate Gi's?

There are a number of stores that stock Karate Gi's. Stores such as Pirana Gear, Asian World of Martian Arts and Boxing Supplies all stock Karate Gi's.

What is a karate costume?

The Karate costume/uniform is called "Gi".

What is the name of a karate outfit with slippers?

Karate is practiced in bare feet. The karate uniform is called a gi.

What does karate represent?

Karate means empty hand.

What do they wear for a Karate fight?

A standard karate Gi (the white clothes that look like pyjamas)

What are the vests for karate called?

"DOGI" Gi for short.

Where does the American flag go on the karate gi?

In my Karate school the American flag goes on our right shoulder.

What is a karate uniform is worn while practicing?

o robe or a gi

What is the name of karate clothing?

The uniform worn when practicing karate is called a gi. There are similar uniforms in other types of martial arts.

Is gi the karate uniform capitalized?

Generally not unless it's at the beginning of a sentence. First of all in actual Japanese it would be called keikogi, dogi or karategi not just gi. Second in actual Japanese there are no such things as capitals. Third in English usage gi does not fall in to any of the capitalization categories (proper name etc.)

What is the martial arts uniform?

Depends on the martial art. Karate has a Gi. Taekwondo has a dobock.