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A standard karate Gi (the white clothes that look like pyjamas)

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Q: What do they wear for a Karate fight?
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Who will win in a fight karate or boxing?


Can you wear karate shoes at a karate tournament?

Yes you can. But only sparring shoes (which are karate shoes).

What is the name of the uniform the karate men wear?

The karate uniform is called a gi.

What does the karate word gi mean?

A gi is a uniform that you wear when doing karate

Do you wear socks at karate class?

No You shouldn't wear socks.

Where can a collector find a Karate Fight pinball machine for sale?

There are several places where someone could find a Karate Fight pinball machine that is for sale. Websites such as, vintage arcade, and the pinball company, sell Karate Fight pinball machines.

Can Taylor launter fight?

Yes he learnt Karate

Can karate work in a street fight?

Yes, it certainly can.

Does karate make you fight better?

{| |- | The study of any martial art helps one fight better. Karate is an effective martial art. One that masters it will be very effective in a fight. And learning karate would probably result in being in fewer fights, as it teaches control. |}

What do karate people wear if they don't have a white robe?

they wear a gi which is common in guju ryu karate or a white shirt with sweat pants or judo pants

Who would win in a fight between a boxer and karate black belt?

Depends on the skill of each. hands to the head our highly more realistic in a fight because they are much faster and don't wear you out as fast. But then again we take into the effect that someone in karate not only knows how to use their hands but their feet as well. Therefore it depends on the skill of the fighters. And that fight is one I'd watch anytime.

Did jaden smith really perform the fight scenes in karate kid?

yes he does some fighting in the movie Karate kid

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