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Stretch daily, and run 1-3 miles, 2-3 days a week.

This will get your flexability up and get your stamina up.

And be sure to practice your katas outside of class.

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First of all you need a uniform (gi) and belt (obi). Now find a place to practice karate. But most importantly you will require a good instructor.

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While it varies from school to school, most have very basic requirements. In the style I study, all that is required is enough floor space to move in, nothing else is needed.

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Q: What do you need for karate class?
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What equipment is needed for a child going into their first karate lesson?

They will need a uniform which consists of the robe, pants, and belt. This can usually be purchased at the karate class.

Were do you get your karate uniforms?

If you enter karate in karate class you may ask your sensei for a uniform or even you can buy it online.

What kind of class do you have to take to join WWE raw?

karate class or learn by a master

Do you wear socks at karate class?

No You shouldn't wear socks.

What are some physical requirements to be in karate?

You don't need physcal requiremants in karate. Karate is a place to learn not qualify.

Did you lean anything from karate class?

Yes, you will learn a lot in a karate class. That is provided you are willing to listen and learn. It takes a long time to become good, so be patient and practice hard.

Are you allowed to join karate and earn belts when your older?

ABSOLUTELY!! It doesnt matter how old you are to join karate and earn belts. There was a woman in my karate class and she was 72 years old.....Karate is for anyone who is willing to learn disipline and respect!

How can you make your mom put you in karate class?

Ask. if she says no, beg.

What does karate end with?

It is one of the tenets of Funikoshi. Karate must begin and end with respect. It is one of the reasons we bow at the beginning and end of a class.

What are the ratings and certificates for Saved by the Bell The New Class - 1993 Karate Kids 4-16?

Saved by the Bell The New Class - 1993 Karate Kids 4-16 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

How do you know if the boy in your karate class likes you?

hmm, funny you ask. I do karate, i'm a first degree black belt, and i'm trying to get this girl to like me. Anyway. I would suggest coming to a few classes, like one every once in a while so they dont think your a stalker. Also, come to all their belt tests and tournaments to support them. I hope this works!

Where was karate in vented?

As far as I know (from listening in karate class) martial arts started in China and were brought to Japan along with calligraphy and art. However, the stereotypical, "karate" (there are many many different forms) was "invented" in Japan.