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It depends on the school you go to some schools give belt and then belt w/ stripes to advance to the next belt color.

For some karate schools it means that you are an elite warrior (when you have the black stripe) meaning that you are better all round than the others of that rank.

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Q: What belt is purple with black stripe?
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What are the belt color levels of Karate?

The belt color levels for Karate are from lowest to higher is; White, Yellow, Orange With Green Stripe, Orange With White Stripe, Orange With Red Stripe, Blue With Green Stripe, Blue With White Stripe, Blue With Red Stripe, Blue, Purple With Green Stripe, Purple With White Stripe, Purple With Red, Purple belt and more.

What does the black stripe running down the center of a karate belt signify?

The black stripe means that you have graduated to the senior belt of that color. For example: if you were yellow belt your next belt would be a senior yellow belt.

What are the rankings in jujitsu?

In Goshin Jiujitsu (essentially traditional jiujitsu) these are the belts: White Belt Yellow Belt Orange Belt Green Belt Blue Belt Brown Belt 1st Stripe Brown Belt 2nd Stripe Brown Belt 3rd Stripe Black Belt --------------------------- Black Belt 1st Dan-10th Dan

How many belts are there in jujitsu?

At a dojo that i know of, they have this belt order: For kids: White White/yellow stripe White/orange stripe White/green stripe Then they stay there until 16 and then get a blue belt. If they have been there for a long time, they can skip to purple. For 12 to 17: White Yellow Orange Green Stay until they are 16, then: Blue Purple Brown Possibly black if they are good enough then black/red squares Then red For adults: White Blue Purple Brown Black Black/Red squares Red But you have to get four stripes on each belt to move to the next one. Hope I Helped!!

What are the colors in Kung Fu sashes?

Well, in Kung Fu, there are sashes not belts. They can be in different order depending on the school but it is usually: White White w/ Stripe Yellow Yellow w/ Stripe Orange Orange w/ Stripe Green Green w/ Stripe Purple Purple w/ Stripe Blue Blue w/ Stripe Brown Brown w/ Stripe Red Red w/ Stripe Black Sash - very high skill level

What comes after the yellow belt?

after the yellow belt comes the orange belt then blue then brown then black

What are the levels of brown belts in karate?

There are scores of karate styles, most of them offshoots of other styles of karate. The primary styles as recognized by the World Karate Federation for form exercises are: Shotokan-ryu Shito-ryu Budokan Kyokushinkai Gojo-ryu Wado-ryu Shorin-ryu Uechi-ryu Almost all other styles are influenced by one or more of these. If you're curious, Chuck Norris has an 8th degree black belt in Tai Kwon do.

Are butterflies purple?

yes the mourning cloak butterfly is purple-black with blue spots and a yellow stripe

What is the color order for belts in tae kwon do?

Taekwondo (also known as Korean karate) does not have a uniform color order for student belts. Each school sets its own colors, color order and number of student grades; however, they are all based on the system developed by Kanō Jigorō, the Japanese founder of Judo. Kanō introduced Judo to Japan at the turn of the 20th century. Originally, there were six student grades referred to by number. A student would begin at Grade 6 and work up to Grade 1, and then they would graduate to black belt. The black belts were divided into 9 ranks. A student would begin at Rank 1 and work up to Rank 9. Black belt ranks have been standardized, but student grades have not.Examples:(13) white, (12) yellow, (11) yellow-white, (10) green, (9) green-white, (8) blue, (7) blue-white, (6) red, (5) red-white, (4) red-black, (3) brown, (2) brown-white, (1) brown-black, (1) black(12) White, (11) yellow, (10) orange, (9) purple, (8) blue, (7) blue stripe, (6) green, (5) green stripe, (4) two green stripes, (3) red stripe, (2) two red stripes, (1) red(11) White, (10) yellow stripe, (9) yellow, (8) orange stripe, (7) orange, (6) green, (5) blue stripe, (4) blue, (3) brown stripe, (2) brown, (1) red, (1) black stripe(11) White, (10) Yellow, (9) Green, (8) Senior Green (a green belt with a black stripe running down its length), (7) Blue, (6) Senior Blue, (5) Brown, (4) Senior Brown, (3) Red, (2) Senior Red, (1) Probationary Black Belt (a black belt with a white stripe running down its length)(10) White , (9) Yellow, (8) Orange, (7) Green, (6) Blue, (5) Purple, (4) Low Brown, (3) High Brown (Brown with black stripe), (2) Low Red, (1) High Red (Red with black stripe) Different belt levels also wear different colour uniforms in our club.(10) White belt, (9) Yellow Stripe, (8) Yellow Belt, (7) Green Stripe, (6) Green Belt, (5) Blue Stripe, (4) Blue belt, (3) Red stripe, (2) Red Belt, (1) Black Stripe, (1) Black(10) white, (9) white - yellow tag, (8) yellow, (7) yellow - green tag, (6) green, (5) green - blue tag, (4) blue, (3) blue - red tag, (2) red, (1) red - black tag, (1) black - I dan(10) White, (9) yellow, (8) orange, (7) purple, (6) blue, (5) green, (4) brown, (3) brown with black line, (2) red with black line, (1) red & black(8) White, (7) Yellow, (6) Green, (5) Blue, (4) Purple, (3) Orange, (2) Red, (1) Brown(8) White, (7) Yellow, (6) Orange, (5) Green, (4) Blue, (3) Purple trim, (2) Brown, (1) Red, (1) Black(6) white, (5) yellow, (4) orange, (3) green, (2) blue, (1) red

What is red belt with black stripe?

In ITF Taekwondo a red belt with a black stripe considered 1st geup is the belt received before obtaining the 1st Dan black belt. For other arts I do not know the meaning but for this one "Red signifies danger, warning the student of his own capability for damage and other students of his skill. "

Does black with a white stripe go with purple?

It depends in what context. If it were a black dress with a white stripe and purple shoes Then go for it. It also depends on the shade of purple. Blacks and Whites are such classic colours and very strong by themselves. Throwing in a purple makes it look like trying-too-hard. Of course you may have or will see Lady GaGa do that, but what do you want?

What karate doesn't have purple belt?

It will depend on the school or style of karate. In some styles, a purple belt is one of the levels on the way to black belt. My particular style of Shorin Ryu does not have a purple belt. It is not a common color.