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Popularized during the boom of professional Wrestling in the mid to late 1990's, a Buried Alive match is a no holds barred match where the objective is to literally bury the opponent alive in a pre arranged hole at the location of the match. The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment was a notable participant in this type of match.

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none just bury the other guy

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Q: What are the rules to a buried alive match?
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Who won in the 2010 buried alive match?

kane won the buried alive match

What is the difference between a casket match and a buried alive match?

the object of a casket match is to lock your opponenet in a casket or coffin whereas in a buried alive match the object is to bury your opponent alive

Did Randy Orton get buried alive by the Undertaker in a buried alive match?

Yes he did! It was soo COOL!!

Who won buried alive match?

A zombie

Did the undertaker die in the buried alive match?


What happened to undertaker after the buried alive match?

he will die

How do you escape a buried alive match?

you climb out of the grave

Is undertaker dead after the buried alive match with Kane?


Will undertaker be back after the buried alive match 2010?


Was it Kane who buried the Undertaker alive?

After the match Undertaker won ,but the Nexus came and pushed him in the grave . They buried him

Which wrestlers have been in a buried alive match?

undertaker and yokozuna sorry but yokozuna hasn't been in a Buried Alive Match but has had two casket matches with The Undertaker The first Buried Alive Match was at IYH: Buried Alive on October 20, 1996, between Undertaker & Mankind, Which Mankind eventually won with the help of Some other Superstars The second Buried Alive Match was at Rock Bottom on December 13, 1998 was between the Undertaker and Stone Cold , Stone had help from Kane to win The third Buried Alive Match was on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown! It was for the WWF Tag Team Titles as the Rock'N'Sock connection defended the titles against Undertaker & Big Show which undertaker & Big Show won The fourth Buried Alive Match was at Survivor Series 2003....11/16/03....between Undertaker & Vince McMahon.Vince ended up winning with Kanes help.

Is undertaker coming back from his buried alive match against the cane?