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It is fun to teach students and share knowledge. It can be satisfying to have a student successfully defend themselves in a life threatening situation. It can be rather wearing to have to show up to a class several times a week to deal with students, some of which really do not want to be there.

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Well first of all you need to be a black belt or higher (Higher meaning dan grades) Also you need to have alotof patience because although I am not an instructer at the class I learn at there are some annoying little children, who wont listen and mess about when they are not supposed to, also you need to be able to teach well and explain it for instance if you don't know how to explain something show them, do NOT get frustrated when they make mistakes and maybe give away a medal every night to the person who did the best in the class (best progress)

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Q: What are the risks of becoming a karate teacher?
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What is the name of the person doing karate?

Karate-ka - Karate student Sensei means "teacher" Sempai means "Senior" (as in senior karate student)

How much education is required to become a karate teacher?

There are no educational requirements to teach karate.

Did John F. Kennedy do karate?

Yes! Actually, my karate teacher taught him some moves--no joke!

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Yes there is such thing as a karate book but if you want a specialty you have to be training. You to ask your teacher to give you one.

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kindergarten teacher karate instructor

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no my karate teacher is very very nice and she is always letting us take a break and just talk

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A karate bow is used to show respect to your teacher (sensai) and elders. We say it osu. A karate bow is also done before the start and end of class, a bout or kata.

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Any place where you can find a good teacher.