What are the color of black belts?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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In traditional Okinawa Karate, Dan levels 1 through 6 wear a black belt.

Dans 7 and 8 wear a red and white striped belt.

9 and 10 Dan Black Belts wear a solid red belt.


In Korean Taekwondo, Black Belts are black.

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Q: What are the color of black belts?
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What does 'kyu' stand for in karate belt levels?

'Kyu' are the ranks for color belts in karate. There are generally 10 kyu belts. White is the 10th kyu and brown belt the 1st kyu.

What is the difference between a black or white collar in Tae Kwon Do uniform?

It may depend on the school, but at my school a Black color is reserved for black belts. This may not be true for all Tae kwon do schools.

What are the strips on a Karate belt?

Stripes can indicate a number of things, depending on the school and traditions of the specific style. Typically stripes on kyu belts indicate an intermediate step between two belts of solid color. On a black belt, the stripes can indicate the degree of black belt the wearer holds.

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Belt order usually is not fixed and changes from style to style and school to school. But there guaranteed to be 10 color belts followed by 10 black belts. Order of color belts may differ.

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There are 12 black belts that are 10 years old in Master Johnsons Family Karate.

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