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Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art where it uses Hardened sticks for training. It is the extension of the hands. There are many variations and styles of Arnis so it is "performed" differently depending on the Guro(instructor). But the basics on holding and strike with the stick is the same. One holds the stick a Fist's length away from the tip of the sticks tip. One must hold firmly without loosening the fingers when striking. The strikes vary from angle strikes with slicing motion or impact strikes. The target of basic strikes in many styles of Filipino Martial Arts also varies, from the top of the head(temple, eyes,neck, etc.) to the torso and legs. It is recommended to practice the basics with a real Guro ,Punong Guro or Master, who is certified or affiliated with a Philippine organization or Filipino Martial Arts school.

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Q: What are the basic movement in arnis?
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