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Q: What are the 2 ritual elements of a sumo?
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What is the plurel version of sumo?

In Japanese, there is no visible indication, it is determined by the context. He was a sumo wrestler. There were ten sumo in that stable.

What is the word 'sumo' when translated from English to Japanese?

What English-speakers think of when they say "sumo" (i.e. heavyset men wrestling) is also called "sumo" in Japanese. Basically, sumo is sumo!

Are sumo wrestlers Chinese or Japanese?

Sumo is a Japanese sport. There are Chinese sumo wrestlers.

What is sumo wrestling of kids call?


Are sumo useful?

Yes Sumo are useful.

Where is the champion sumo on red dragon island?

The champion sumo (Yokozuna) is inside the sumo match place.

Where is Sumo Dojo on Meez Nation?

its in sumo dojo

What is a sumo competition called -?

The activity itself is referred to as Sumo, but it the competition itself can be refereed to as a sumo bout. The important tournaments are called Basho.

What if someone wanted to be a sumo wrestler what can they do?

You would have to be accepted by a sumo stable to participate in sumo in Japan.Gain weightEat more

What town where sumo wrestling are popular?

Sumo is popular in most places in Japan. Tokyo is the primary center of sumo.

When was Sumo TV created?

Sumo TV was created in 2006.

National sport of Japan?

it is sumo Riesling