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The appropriate en guar position includes the feet at a right angle to each other and about shoulder length apart, bent knees, face forward, right elbow in with the hand pointing at the target, and left arm not covering your own target.

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Q: The appropriate en guard position includes what?
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Why do they say en guard in fencing?

En garde is actually a call made by the referee of a bout to get into fighting stance before combat. en garde is french for on guard.

What is 'on guard' when translated from English to French?

"On guard!" in English is en garde! in French.

How do you say guard in Japanese?

Koken'nin (Coke-en nin)

What is 'en garde' when translated from French to English?

En garde in French means "on (your) guard (because I am about to attack, in fencing)" in English.

How do i say 'are you in pole position' in french?

Êtes-vous en pole position

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How do you spell on guard in fencing terms?

The term from French is "en garde" (said at the beginning of a bout).

What is the appropriate VERBAL response to the phrase en garde?

pull out your weapon and get ready to defend yourself

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What is the definition of En Garde?

The French phrase "en garde touché" is a phrase used in sword fighting or fencing. The best translation to English would be to tell your opponent to "be on guard against the touch" of the sword.

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What is On garde?

"At Attention" The term is "En Garde", and is of French origin. It means 'be on your guard' and is used in Fencing to alert your opponent that you are about to duel him.