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Karate is not Chinese. Karate comes from Okinawa, where it was created by combining Okinawan Wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu. In China, Kung Fu is said to have originated in the Shoalin Temple.

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Q: Temple where karate was first taught in china?
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What is the name of the temple where Kung Fu was first taught in china?

Shaolin temple was where kung fu was first introduced.

When was the first temple in China built?

The first Temple in China was built in 1492

Where would you find the first temple in china?

The Baima Temple (White Horse Temple) in Luoyang, Henan Province, was the first Buddhist Temple in China.

Who was the first person to invent karate in china?

Karate did not develop in China. It was developed in Okinawa based on a combination of wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu.

When did Buddhist first develop?

The White Horse temple built in China is believed to be the first Buddhist temple. The temple dates back to AD 68.

Where was Jesus before he taught?

He was in Nazareth, learning to be a carpenter from His earthly father Joseph. He first taught in the temple at the age of 12.

What culture said karate first?

Karate comes from Okinawa. They originally translated it to mean China Hands, but today it is translated as Empty Hands.

Who open the first karate school in America?

It would hard to specify, but there were numerous Okinawa immigrants that had been trained as teachers in the first two decades of the 1900's. They would have had basic instruction in karate. In April 1927 Kensu Yabu presented the first public demonstration in a YMCA in Hawaii and lectured and taught for several months.

What is another name for karate?

Okinawa is the country of origin for karate. The word is made up of two characters. The second one is te, meaning hand. The first can mean two different things, though it is said the same way. Kara can mean China and was the original term used. Later, in an attempt to distance themselves from China, the Okinawa masters stated that they would use the meaning of Empty.

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Ralph Macchio was 23 in the first Karate Kid. He was soo Hot!

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