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the undetaker IS coming back. when i dont know when but the undertaker will come back like he always does. I HOPE :(

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No,it is just a storyline.

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Q: Is the Undertaker dead after the buried alive match?
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Is undertaker dead after the buried alive match with Kane?


Is the undertaker dead buried alive?

yes the undertaker is alive

Is undertaker dead after being buried alive?

no he'll come back soon

What did Kane do to undertaker on WWE 2010?

first heres how the story goes. the undertaker was thought dead by Kane then the fake death was blamed on rey mysterio when the undertaker told Kane. the undertaker got mad at Kane they fought in hell in a cell. then the undertaker fought Kane in a buried alive match Kane buried the undertaker alive. sadly to beloved fans, but you know he might come back one day.

Why are there stories that the Undertaker is dead?

Because Kane buried the undertaker alive in WWE. Actually he is on leave due to shoulder injury

Has undertaker risen from the dead before?

he has in the programming, Being buried alive at Suvivor Series 2003 then returning as the Deadman

What date undertaker died?

undertaker isny dead yo twats he got buried alive at bragging rights but hes coming back at wrestlemania 27

Is undertaker is really a deadman?

No, he's not. He lost a buried alive match against Kane and Kane told everyone he was dead but he really wasn't. HE IS THE BEST DEAD OR ALIVE AND I DON'T SEE ANYONE TAKING THE WORLD TITLE FROM HIM UNTIL HE IS READY TO GIVE IT UP FOR GOODof course not. WWE is entertainment and the Undertaker is one of the entertainers.

Did the undertaker really die and come back?

it is actually believed that undertaker did come back from the dead and that he was buried alive by his brother kane. But the thing is that although i have started to like wrestling a lot now but i still believe that it is not actually real so there would be no question of him coming back from the dead when he never even went to the dead. i think it is common sense that you can not come back from the dead, i hope i have made my point...

Is the under talker dead for real this time?

No. Undertaker is alive...Though Kane has buried him alive yet he would come back coz he is the DEAD MAN.Moreover he'll have to come back to bring back HBK as on the one hand HBK retired and on the other hand Undertaker's misfortune began...

Who is kill Kane brother Undertaker?

Under Taker Is alive...........Its Because of the 4-way fatal match..That Had no superstar players in it.......So they created controversy that the Undertaker is dead.........

Is undertaker really died at bragging rights?

Yes, he was pronounced dead in the early hours of this morning, he suffocated after being buried alive. Doctors tried to revive him after the show but it was too late. Undertaker is dead, Rest In Peace.