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Q: Is the undertaker dead by being berried in 24th October 2010?
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When will the undertaker return after the buried alive match in October 24 2010?

Undertaker returned February 21, 2011.

What is Kane planning on doing to his brother the undertaker?

As of October 2010,Beating him up as much as possible.

When did the Undertaker return to WWE in 2010?

After receiving a concussion and facial fracture in a match with Rey Mysterio, Undertaker was out of action from May 28 2010 to October 24, 2010. He had returned August 15, 2010 for SummerSlam, but had a scripted exit (attacked by Kane) before he could compete. He then lost to Kane again at Bragging Rights on October 24.

Will undertaker come back after being buried alive by Kane in 2010?


Who won the buried alive match between undertaker and Kane October 24 2010?

Kane won the match

What is the undertaker's age in 2010?

undertaker is 45 years old this year 2010

When is the undertaker coming back in 2010?

It is possible that The Undertaker will be returning to WWE at SummerSlam (2010).

Does undertaker have a contract with WWE?

Undertaker's (Mark Calaway's) contract will expire June 2, 2010. The WWE is trying to get a HUGE name wrestler to face Undertaker at WM in 2010 for what is being billed as "Taker's last ride." Could it be Steve (Sting) Borden? More to follow...

Who won out of undertaker and reymystirio 2010 royal rumble?

it was undertaker

Shawn michals vs undertaker who won 2010?


Will the undertaker face Kane at summerslam 2010?

no the undertaker is dead

Did Undertaker beat Kane at Night of Champions 2010?

Not in 2010No, at Night of Champions 2010, Undertaker lost.