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They aren't really in a relationship. This storyline was just written to show Drew's softer side and to be involved in the World Heavyweight Title run

Drew is actually married to former WWE Diva Tiffany

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Drew McIntyre tried to make Kelly Kelly falls in his love several ways and even impressed her but failed in last minute. Kelly Kelly gave a warning to Drew McIntyre, not to follow him anymore. Drew McIntyre understood and leaves Kelly Kelly though Kelly Kelly wants to appreciate in a match.

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yes! kelly was broke up to Justin gabreal and drew with his wife too. now kelly is dating with drew mcintyre, but they had a problems...look to YouTube!

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Q: Is kelly kelly dating drew mcintyre?
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Does Drew McIntyre love Kelly Kelly?

yes! they are dating now!

Will Drew McIntyre ever team with Kelly Kelly?

No.But Drew and Kelly are married Drew is married to Tiffany not Kelly. Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel

Who is WWE Tiffany dating?

Shes with Drew McIntyre, and they are married.

Does kelly kelly like anyone in the WWE?

I don't think so, but Drew McIntyre likes here. And Kelly Kelly might like Edge:D

What is Drew McIntyre's real name?

Drew Mcintyre's Real Name Is Drew Galloway.

Who is Drew McIntyre dating?

Drew McIntyre is currently engaged to former ECW General Manager Tiffany.

When was Drew McIntyre born?

Drew McIntyre was born on 1985-06-06.

Is drew mcintyre nice?

i have herd that drew mcintyre is actually a very nice person

What is Drew McIntyre's Mum's Name?

Angela mcintyre

Which wrestlers are married?

If you are talking about ones that both are in the business or which ones in general.

do drew mcintyre have a crush?


Is old wrestler Velvet McIntyre the mother of Drew McIntyre?