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No.But Drew and Kelly are married Drew is married to Tiffany not Kelly. Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel

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Q: Will Drew McIntyre ever team with Kelly Kelly?
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Is drew mcintyre popular in the WWE?

Sure, every wrestler is popular in WWE especially if you are a former WWE Incontinental Champion and a former WWE Tag Team Champion.

What NFL team does Garrett McIntyre play for?

Garrett McIntyre plays for the New York Jets.

Did Leroy Kelly of the Cleveland Browns ever play for another NFL team?


What 2 fighting styles is drew mcintyre?

Ring style fighting style using the ring has a tag team partner combined with old school young Triple H fighting style.

What football team does Micheal Mcintyre support?

liverpool fc

Who did Tyson and DH face at night of champions?

there were in a tag team turmoil match against Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, The Usos,Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov and Evan Bourne and Mark Henry.

When did WWE drew mcintyre win a match?

Drew McIntyre has won numerous matches since his debut in 2007, however in 2011 he was drafted to RAW after losing to Kofi Kingston and then very rarely wrestled on RAW and only appeared in dark matches on WWE Superstars were he most often lost. McIntyre defeated Justin Gabriel in Decmber 2011 and was then drafted to SmackDown and began to lose again, in a total eight match losing streak. McIntyre was fired by Teddy Long as part of his storyline but ended his losing streak by defeating Hornswoggle...(I know :S)... and his last televised match was at Wrestlemania 28 on 'Team Teddy' as part on the 12 man tag-team match and won surprisingly!

What is a word to go with Kelly for a team name?

If she team's with Tiffany again then they can call their team Tif-Kelly

Has philip rivers and Drew Brees ever played on the same nfl Team?

They were teammates on the San Diego Chargers in 2004 and 2005.

Who is torrie Wilson's tag team partner?

kelly kelly

What team does drew brees play on?

Drew Brees is on the New Orleans Saints

Who is kelly kelly's tag team partner?

In August 2010 until she (not kelly kelly) got suspended,Tiffany.

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