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Yes it is in some ways. You can break about any bone in you body, especially you're wrists, ankle, and neck. Additionally, the weight requirement makes wrestlers prone to eating disorders or malnutrition. There are rules in most Highschool and College leagues which attempt to prevent both physical harm and malnutrition, but both still happen occasionally.

Wrestling can be said to give many benefits. Unlike pro wrestling, you can go on to be national champion here in the US or you can go and wrestle in tournments in romote countries where wrestling there is as big as Baseball or football here. Many CEO's and high level business people say that they owe their work ethic to the rigorous training and maintenance schedule that they learned in Wrestling. Addittionally, the personal nature of the sport as well as the rigorous training required can help build confidence. Wrestling is also one of the cheapest sports, the only required items being wrestling shoes and headgear. This is an economic advantage in comparison with other sports. If you're good enough, you can even qualify in the Olympic Trials to maybe even earn an Olympic Gold Medal.

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Q: Is amateur wrestling dangerous and what are some benefits?
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